Friday, October 29, 2010

Try or Cry

We all have our wisdom,
for an extent or other,
adding others to it I feel,
only improves and bestows,
what we already have.

For I share only things,
I feel Might help you,
to improve your vision,
to enlighten your path,
elude do not to take it, or,
You might feel empty inside.

Take what I am giving,
And if you don't need it,
Wait... don't trash it.
Give it to some one else,
You know might need it,
or rather throw it back to me.

Remain you if sceptic to it,
It blossoms you nothing.
so I urge you give it a try,
better to later go and cry.

- Dinesh Saroj 

छवि साभार: गूगल छवियां 

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