Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I still feel you!

That moment gone,
days are gone too,
Your sweet memories
still striking through,
We never knew when
enjoying together,
That we would
get apart this soon,
your sweet mumbling,
that cute glimpse of yours,
still amazed me for moments.
Doesn't matter if you
aren't with me right now,
I often hear you calling me,
I still feel your Hug,
I can see you dancing too.
I still cover my ears
for your screaming.
Tears get slid from eyes,
Whenever you come across
from those sweet memories!
- Dinesh Saroj

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

When I Needed...

When I needed
a Hand to hold,
I got loneliness...

When I needed 
a tender Poke,
I got none...

When I needed 
a generous Pat 
on my Back,
I got slapped...

When I needed 
Lovable Hug, 
I got cursed...

When I needed 
to share my anxiety
no-one cared to
Listen to me...

Besides all my 
Troubles and Loneliness
Sorrows and Emptiness
Failures and Mishaps; 

I always tried 
to make someone 
Happy and Enjoy, 
When I was not...

I Love laughing 
all the time, 
I laughed even 
more while in 
Deep Depression...

Things never Were 
favourable enough 
For Me, 
To Settle Down 
In my younger age...

But I always 
Strongly Believed in, 
my Fate and 
my strengths ... 
More of I always 
Believed that, 
my creator has 
some thing special for me...

And Now I believe 
Completely With 
the Optimism that
No matter Where 
Wind takes me 
with it's Blow,

I can achieve
whatever I desire for...
That's the my Gut feeling of Life...!

@ Dins'

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