Saturday, January 30, 2010

What makes one happy?

Money...; I think no.
There are many who
spent whole life in poverty,
but still are happy within!

Love...; maybe not.
There are some full of
hatred for whole life,
And Happy living with it!

Dream...; think it again.
Does persons blind by birth
can experience it at all?
They live happily without it!

Success...; what defines it?
What seems Success to one,
Means nothing to others,
It is relative from person to person!

Spirituality...; really, is it?
Think of nonreligious persons,
they have their own beliefs,
Quite Happy they are with it!

Comfort...; no it's so not.
Look at hardworking
Farmers, Labours, soldiers,
They can't be happy
without discharging their duties!

Popularity...; Hmmmmm.
Nearly 99% of the world
populations are commoner,
The most are happy-go-lucky!

Happiness shall not be searched
elsewhere; it lies within one's self!

@ Dins'

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