Wednesday, December 1, 2010

When I Needed...

When I needed
a Hand to hold,
I got loneliness...

When I needed 
a tender Poke,
I got none...

When I needed 
a generous Pat 
on my Back,
I got slapped...

When I needed 
Lovable Hug, 
I got cursed...

When I needed 
to share my anxiety
no-one cared to
Listen to me...

Besides all my 
Troubles and Loneliness
Sorrows and Emptiness
Failures and Mishaps; 

I always tried 
to make someone 
Happy and Enjoy, 
When I was not...

I Love laughing 
all the time, 
I laughed even 
more while in 
Deep Depression...

Things never Were 
favourable enough 
For Me, 
To Settle Down 
In my younger age...

But I always 
Strongly Believed in, 
my Fate and 
my strengths ... 
More of I always 
Believed that, 
my creator has 
some thing special for me...

And Now I believe 
Completely With 
the Optimism that
No matter Where 
Wind takes me 
with it's Blow,

I can achieve
whatever I desire for...
That's the my Gut feeling of Life...!

@ Dins'

छवि साभार : गूगल छवि

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